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Horoscope tells us various aspects of life including career, love, marriage, relationships and etc. can  be predicted by astrology. In brief, astrology can predict future, past and present of a person via checking the movement of planets and the time of birth.

Stone Therapy

Gem Stones have mineral, ancient chemical energy stored in them they seem like to be designed to balance the body using the healing properties.
Gems stone and Crystals has For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thus facilitating the free flow of throughout the body.

Color Therapy

The Colour therapy is one of the ancient & natural science followed in India million years ago but lost in transition, does now gearing up with better understanding. This therapy is harmless with no side effect, and may resolve many forthcoming issues for the control of problems aroused.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is one of the oldest sciences which is followed by us today also.  In India, astrological analysis is mainly based on the theories of Hindu astrology. This field of knowledge especially the Jyotish Vidya, the science of light is ancient and has existed since Vedic era.

Vaastu Solution

It is nothing but the study of Architecture in according to vedas keeping laws of nature in mind that is Physics that is what we call in modern days.
In this the true nature of nature is reviled and how we should go according to the flow of nature and that too without disturbing the nature.


Horary Astrology is one of the ancient arts of getting horoscope. This reading doesn’t require birth charts but it is more appropriate to say that it gives instance prediction about any query.
Horary Astrology is can give us an accurate and satisfying prediction.
This horoscope prediction are based on simple Vedic calculation and best thing about this Art of Horoscope is that it gives instant result which we can seen and believe


Your palm lines contains your astral life within them. Each curve make each line divides has a particular meaning in your life and it is scientifically proven.
Our Palm has all the answers to your questions about yourself all about your future life style, about your character and it also contained the impressions of your past.


According to our science of numerology, it is a belief that there’s a mystical link between the events happening around you and the numbers that correspond to your name or date of birth. This particular stream of science opines that numbers together, form a universal language, which actually, in turn, confirms the truth of a person’s life.

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